Partner James Shaw features an article in the November Issue of DRI The Voice of the Defense Bar

James Shaw’s article was featured in the November 2017 Issue of DRI The Voice of the Defense Bar. “E-Cigarettes: A New Frontier in Product Liability” explores the technology behind e-cigarettes and issues that arise in product defect litigation related to e-cigarettes. Read the full article here.

Donell Hicks attends Black Diamond Funding Golf Event

On October 27th, 2017, Donell Hicks attended the Black Diamond Funding golf event at the Grande Oaks Golf Course in Davie, Florida, winning second place. The event included golfing with 8 NFL Legends.

Partner Jose I. Rojas presents at the ABA 2017 Fall Conference in Miami

On October 25, 2017, José I. Rojas had the privilege of presenting at the ABA Section of International Law, 2017 Fall Conference in Miami on the topic – One Cuba Libre, please: Havana Club, Bacardi and the Cuban IP Conundrum (Disputes).