In the abundance of caution, and pursuant to the recent CDC recommendations, DLD Lawyers will be operating remotely during the next few weeks. All of our staff has remote capabilities and remains 100 percent committed to providing uninterrupted service to our clients. We encourage communication through email but remain available via telephone, if preferred. We are hopeful that this situation will be temporary and that we can soon resume our customary business practices.

Best of wishes during these trying times.

Update for April 7, 2020: On March 18, 2020, we reached out to you to inform you of the social distancing efforts we are undertaking to keep our employees and the general public safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In the weeks since, we have remained and continue to remain entirely committed to providing our clients the best possible service, and we will continue to do so throughout the current health emergency. We have also been uncompromising in our security practices while armed with the knowledge that businesses are more vulnerable to attack in times like these. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (305) 443-4850, or contact one of our attorneys directly by email using the contact information on our website.