DLD Lawyers is proud to announce that our legal network, Nextlaw Referral Network (NRN), the largest, most innovative legal network in the world, has won Global Network of the Year at The Lawyer European Awards 2019. This is the second year in a row NRN has won a top award at The Lawyer European Awards, having won Global Strategic Initiative of the Year in 2018.

Founded and launched in 2016, NRN pioneered the principle that in order to truly put clients first, a network should include as many high-quality firms as possible, regardless of size or jurisdiction. NRN charges no annual fees and does not offer jurisdictional exclusivity.

One month ago, NRN was also ranked by Chambers as one of the top networks in the world.

Jeff Modisett, Nextlaw Referral Network CEO said, “NRN knows the law firm of the future will not just solve legal problems, but will solve business problems, identify technological opportunities, and address regulatory questions and it is the power of our network that enables to accomplish all of the above.”

About Nextlaw Referral Network
Nextlaw Referral Network is the broadest and most sophisticated legal referral platform in the world. Introduced in October of 2016, it already includes over 670-member firms, over 25,000 lawyers covering all of the world’s major jurisdictions in more than 205 countries. In addition, working closely with its sister company, Nextlaw Labs, the platform will also introduce new technologies, products and services to its members. The platform also includes Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network, the first of its kind network that includes more than 50 of the world’s top public affairs and public relations firms. For more information: www.nextlawnetwork.com.